Premium Madu Kelulut | Stingless Bee Honey ( 270g )


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Our Premium Madu Kelulut, Stingless Bee Honey has many health benefits, including its potency against various chronic diseases. It is also very useful in medicine for both prophylactic and therapeutic treatments. The product is a natural antibiotic, it is highly nutritive and serves as an effective antioxidant in a variety of ways.

Unlike the honey from the Apis species, Kelulut Honey is indeed very unique and rare thus making it a choice product in the region and around the world.

What’s the buzz about honey? Well, in ancient times Egyptians not only initiated the use of honey for hair and skin nourishment but also offered the highly coveted liquid gold as a gift to the gods in addition to utilising it as embalming fluid. Fast forward to today, the thick, dark amber substance is still being exercised in culinary and medicinal applications – minus the mummification use of course. Indulge in Healthiest Gift From Nature – smoky, earthy and slightly tangy with a lustrous sheen, our Premium Madu Kelulut, Stingless Bee Honey comprises stingless bee honey also known as “Kelulut Honey”. As their name suggests, stingless bees don’t sting thus easing the extraction process, and their honey has two times the nutritional benefits than that of regular honey. We harvest the honey from our own bee farms situated away from urbanisation and pollution to ensure our naturally-harvested wild honey is of superior quality and 100% pure and unrefined.

It contains many flavonoids, organic acids, enzymes, various vitamins and mineral elements. Honey Kelulut contains natural antibiotic elements, provides a high antioxidant effect, strong antibacterial and antitoxin function, dilates blood vessels, strengthens the immune system and activates cells.

Health Benefits
~ Improves the body’s immune system
~ Increases metabolism
~ Improve physical fitness and kidney function
~ Improves eye health
~ Improves blood circulation throughout body
~ Improves appetite
~ Heals wounds and ulcers
~ Recover Sore throat
~ Reduces fatigue and joint pain
~ Reduces cholesterol
~ Reduces high blood pressure
~ Reduces blood sugar levels on diabetics
~ Beautify the skin face
~ Stable menstruation
~ Relieves Diarrhea
~ Increases appetite

How to Drink:
1) 1 tablespoon of Honey with 100ml warm water stir well and drink.
2) 1 tablespoon and continue to drink (without mixing water)

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